Sunday, August 21, 2016

Maranatha Style Silky Almond Butter

Roasty, Silky and Still Warm

Maranatha Style Silky Almond Butter

Years ago when I first tasted Almond Butter I had Maranatha brand with the oil on the top that you had to stir. It was so silky smooth and delicious. I loved it.
But now, people dont want to stir their peanut or almond butters they want hydrogenated shortening added to prevent it from separating. So its getting difficult to get my Almond Butter Fix, So I figured out how to make a pretty darn similar almond butter at home.

2 bags Blue Diamond unsalted raw almonds
A Vitamix

Spread the almonds out on a large sheet, and roast in a 350oF oven, for 30 mins stirring halfway thru.
Take out and pour into a Vitamix set on Variable and #1 and turn on and slowly turn up to 10. Use the tamper to stomp the almonds into the bottom (scraping the sides with it to get all the almonds) turn it up to high and stomp for a total of 3 mins,  Turn it off

You will have the consistency above. Let it sit for 30 mins or a few hours.

Then turn it back on and tamp those nuts for a few minutes till its now the above consistency.
It is now done. Pour into a jar and use

So silky smooth

Maranatha on the left, mine on the right