Thursday, August 13, 2015

The In Thing #1 VEGAN Meringues

My Aquafaba whipped to stiff peaks

The In Thing #1: VEGAN Meringues

I did not invent this. So this will not be a recipe but an introduction...

There are 2 NEW and highly NOVEL ways to make completely 
100% VEGAN 
Citrus Meringue Pie Toppings
and MORE

The first is AQUAFABA.
Aquafaba is the liquid in a can of chickpeas
It whips up and performs just like EGGWHITES

The next is FLAXSEED GEL
Flaxseed Gel is the concentrated cooking liquid left over from cooking golden flaxseeds.
This method was developed by Bhavna Patel from Bhavnas Cooking

Here are her two videos

Experiment yourself!

Have fun

The following are pics of my Aquafaba experiment. I only was doing this for my vegan friend in Holland, so I didnt care what it looked like and I accidently burned it, so here