Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kitchen Equipment #6 Majestic Food Prep "Antiques"

Kitschy Kitschy Ya ya ya ya.
Kitchen Equipment #6 Majestic Food Prep "Antiques"

Years ago in another life I bought these cool kitchen prep appliances.
I can only find the mention of the toaster online, none of the other appliances are referenced or pictured online.So I figured Id post this so the owners of the toaster(s) Ive seen posted online, know there are other appliances that go with it.

The Slice of Bread is a Toaster

The big Orange is a juicer

and the Tincan is a can opener.

The Egg is 3 bowls (the smallest one is a measuring cup. Inside there is a hand mixer and measuring spoons

The Tomato is just a cookie jar, and is NOT a Majestic Appliance, Its just cute..

Majestic Appliances was out of Connecticut